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Changes in the Automotive Industry Create Opportunities

Infocore specializes in providing the automotive audience data you need to market to the right car buyers at the right time. Our analysis of the current Automotive Market has uncovered 300 million* records categorized into eight separate consumer groups. These carefully selected consumers are currently in the market and ready to buy!

Download your FREE Audience Overview today to learn more about these segments:

  • Mass Transit Defectors
  • Certified Pre-Owned Intenders
  • Consumers Coming Off Lease
  • Sedan Intenders
  • CUV / SUV Intenders
  • Truck Intenders
  • EV / PHEV Intenders
  • Asian Car Intenders

*Represents records, not population. Duplication is from individuals being included on more than one list and represented in more than one segment.

Audience Overview